Loans without credit information


Taking a loan without credit information through UC is a very smart choice for several reasons. If you have previously taken or applied for a loan where a credit report has been made through UC, this can hamper your chances of getting a loan granted in the future.

Each time a credit report is registered with UC, your credit rating will be lower. That is why we have collected all lenders without UC so that you can easily take out a sms loan without information via UC.

Sms loans without credit information


These types of banks always use UC and are stubborn when it comes to the number of inquiries and your general credit rating. It is therefore smart, especially if you are going to take a smaller loan, which is often the case when you take a sms loan, to avoid having your loan application registered with UC.

One important thing to find out that many people seem to have misunderstood is that regardless of UC or not, a credit report is always made. So there are no sms loans without credit check. The lenders who do not use UC as a credit information company have simply chosen to use an alternative company.

What is a credit report?


A credit report is simply a description of your credit rating. As described earlier, a credit report is always taken when a loan application is made to assess your repayment ability. A credit report is primarily about your financial situation such as loans and active credits, debt balances, payment notes and previously taken credit information. A credit report may also contain other types of information such as name, address, homeownership and marriage preferences.

There are two different types of credit information that the lender normally chooses. These are called personal data and micro information. The difference between these is quite large in terms of the amount of information released. It is important to note here that only one personal data (eg UC) is registered while a micro information does not. Therefore, it is highly advantageous to try to avoid personal information and instead try to use lenders who use micro information.

Information issued in connection with personal data:

  • Name and address
  • Marriage
  • Income data two years back
  • credit inquiries
  • property Holdings
  • payment Notes
  • Active credit
  • Debt balance 

Information issued at a Micro Information:

  • Name and address
  • Debt balance 
  • payment Notes

Who should take out a loan without credit information with UC?

Who should take out a loan without credit information with UC?

As previously explained, it is very good to avoid UC to the extent possible. But there are several reasons why someone would want to take out a loan without interfering with UC. Below we have listed some examples of common reasons:

  • Want to borrow money with debt
  • Have many loans since before
  • Have many debts or credits
  • Missing or having a low income
  • Have payment notes
  • Have debts or remarks

As you can clearly see in the list, lenders are often much more lenient compared to the larger banks, partly because they choose to use Micro Information. Note, however, that it differs between the lenders regarding what requirements they have on you as a borrower so be sure to make your application with a lender who accepts your current situation.

On this page we have listed the lenders who do not use UC and through it allows the person who makes an application to take out a loan without a credit report through UC.